Dr. Da'Tarvia Parrish

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Prison Literature

Growing up as a child with an imprisoned mother, Da’Tarvia A. Parrish’s literary works center around the themes of parental incarceration, family separations and extended family with an emphasis in children’s and adolescent literature. She will tell you, it’s a work of obedience.


Seven's Heaven

Sometimes children must live with extended family members or friends for a number of reasons and many times this can be challenging. Little Seven undergoes family separation by moving from Florida with her primary family, to Georgia with her Aunt Ella. Read Seven’s Heaven to find out what Seven does to make the best of her new living arrangements.

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Jailbirds Don't Fly

Jailbirds Don’t Fly is the literary memoir of Da’Tarvia Parrish’s early life as a child of an imprisoned mother. This unfiltered work echoes the thoughts and voice of a child’s experience, in an effort to aid in understanding and constructing solutions for children with similar backgrounds, especially those undergoing parental incarceration. Parrish’s insight as a child of an imprisoned mother extends the scope of at-risk youth and marks the emergence of a perspective that must be considered when determining the fate of the children. With over fifteen years of experience in the higher education arena, Dr. Parrish is a prolific speaker and professor of history and humanities, with areas of concentration in women’s and black studies.

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